Adopt-A-Reach Program

Are you a local business, organization, or individual who would like to adopt a section of river to keep clean and free of trash? See below for program details!

Thank you for your interest in adopting a section of the Purgatoire River to care for and keep clean!

The Purgatoire River Adopt-A-Reach Program is spearheaded by the Purgatoire Watershed Partnership in partnership with the City of Trinidad to scale up our river cleanup efforts to ensure a clean and healthy river. While we are continuing to conduct our periodic community cleanup efforts along the river, we know we ALSO need a larger scale commitment of consistent cleanup along the river to accomplish all of our cleanup goals!

What You Get For Participating in the Adopt-A-Reach Program:

  • A section of river (river reach) to care for and keep clean
  • An Adopt-A-Reach sign along the Purgatoire Riverwalk in your river reach advertising your commitment to the river and community
  • Advertising of your commitment to the river and community on the Purgatoire Watershed Partnership website
  • Annual advertising in the local paper thanking you for your service and commitment
  • Knowing that you are making a BIG difference in your community that we couldn’t accomplish without you!

What You Will Need to Do to Participate:

  • Select the section of river (river reach) that you would like to care for and keep clean that has not already been adopted
  • Keep this section of river clean on a monthly basis (a full trash cleanup needs to occur at least once a month, and/or you can conduct more frequent smaller scale cleanup efforts)
  • Determine WHO will be conducting this consistent river cleanup (e.g. you as an individual, employee cleanup days, hiring personnel, etc)
  • If possible, provide your own cleanup supplies to accomplish this cleanup effort (although we can arrange to provide cleanup supplies if necessary)
  • If possible, provide your own disposal of the trash (e.g. business dumpster, personal trash can) (but we can arrange a place to dispose of the trash if necessary)
  • Work with Purgatoire Watershed Partnership for periodic check-ins on how things are going, and let us know if you need any additional support to ensure your success!

How We Can Help:

  • Additional Support – As mentioned above, through our periodic check-ins we will be working with you to make sure you have what you need to be successful. If issues come up, please let us know and we will work to get you the additional support you need!
  • Safety – If you come across any trash that you do not want to or cannot manage safely yourself (e.g. heavy items like a tire or couch, homeless encampment, etc) please just contact us directly and we will work with the Police Department and the City of Trinidad to deal with those items directly – please stay safe and do not take on anything you feel unsafe about. Also we work closely with the Police Department on moving illegal homeless campers out of river reaches where cleanup is going on, so please let us know if and when you would like the police to do a ‘clearing’ ahead of a scheduled cleanup event if necessary.
  • Additional Helping Hands – If you are going to have a regularly scheduled cleanup event, we can post that on our event calendar to see if other community members might be interested in and available to give a helping hand!

Adoptable River Reaches
Adoptable river reaches all occur in and around the City of Trinidad. Each river reach (river section) is defined as a section between bridges (road bridges, railway bridges, pedestrian bridges). We have a total of 6 river reaches (sections) within our current focus area at this time.

  • River Reach 1 – Boulevard Addition Property. This is a large property that extends from the upstream end of the Boulevard Addition down to the GOCO Pedestrian Bridge over the river (under the I-25 overpass)
  • River Reach 2 – GOCO Pedestrian Bridge to North Animas Street Bridge
  • River Reach 3 – North Animas Street Bridge to West Cedar Street Bridge
  • River Reach 4 – West Cedar Street Bridge to North Commercial Street Bridge
  • River Reach 5 – North Commercial Street Bridge to the Railroad Bridge
  • River Reach 6 – Railroad Bridge to North Linden Ave Bridge

Thank you for your interest in the Adopt-A-Reach Program! Contact Us now for details!

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