Community Health & Sustainability Program

We are working with local and regional partners to provide and support community enhancement activities within our mission leading to healthier, safer, and more sustainable communities across our watershed (e.g., clean water; modern municipal, industrial, and agricultural infrastructure; safe trails; flood protection; water conservation; sustainable economic development [e.g., recreational tourism]).

Community Enhancement Programs across the US seek to benefit communities in a variety of ways such as:

  • increasing employment and economic opportunities
  • protecting and enhancing wildlife habitat and recreational areas for public enjoyment
  • improving public safety
  • enhancing neighborhood appearance or cleanliness
  • providing support for local business viability and sustainability
  • providing programs and training opportunities to benefit youth and adults
  • improving neighborhood livability

The Purgatoire Watershed Partnership is building on this idea to support healthier, safer, and more sustainable watershed communities through a variety of efforts, including:

  • providing education and skills training for youth and adults to improve employment and economic opportunities in natural resource management and stewardship
  • conducting restoration and recreational enhancement efforts along the Purgatoire River and Trinidad Riverwalk to:
    • improve wildlife habitat and river health
    • improve public safety
    • increase recreational opportunities for locals
    • increase community economic sustainability through recreational tourism development
  • improving neighborhood and river appearance, cleanliness, and livability through monthly and annual river cleanup events and the ‘Why Trash the River?’ and ‘Adopt-A-Reach’ Programs in Trinidad
  • supporting business viability and sustainability by partnering with local businesses on community events and working to enhance community offerings (recreational, cultural, educational, entertainment) that make our towns more vibrant and desirable, and encourage more people to live and play in our watershed and support local businesses
  • encouraging long-time residents and newcomers of all ages to come out and participate directly in these efforts to enhance their community and watershed, while also making new friends, having fun, and usually eating free food and drinks along the way!
  • working to determine the current status of water quality across the watershed and determine next steps for improvements
  • supporting important local projects to improve water quality including those to improve the safety of drinking water for local residents (e.g. supporting Branson, Colorado’s recent project to upgrade their drinking water system)
  • working to determine the current status of water-related municipal, industrial, and agricultural infrastructure across the watershed and determine next steps for improvements
  • working to determine current needs around flood protection in the watershed, and determine next steps for addressing
  • working to determine opportunities for water conservation in the watershed

Learn more about our community enhancement efforts to improve the health and sustainability of our watershed communities!

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