Purgatoire Citizen Scientist Program

PWP works with local and regional partners to engage and support committed community members in on-the-ground river and watershed data collection & monitoring efforts. Volunteers receive Citizen Scientist skills training that not only significantly increases the knowledge and marketable skill sets of volunteers and supports exploration of possible career paths, but directly benefits the health and function of our watershed by allowing us to expand our monitoring efforts and gain a much better picture of the health of the watershed and potential issues to address.

Current efforts include:

  • Monitoring of River Watch sites in our watershed
  • Conducting river restoration, vegetative invasive species management, forest health/fuels mitigation monitoring and other types of monitoring – including before and after photo monitoring and associated surveys – tied to current projects
  • Providing support to other local partners (e.g. CPW) in their important monitoring work (e.g. annual fish surveys, etc)
  • Working with local and regional partners to expand our monitoring efforts to new sites and new data collection efforts throughout the watershed (e.g. snow data, aquatic macroinvertebrates, recreational use data, etc)

Are you passionate about a particular topic or issue in our watershed and would like to start your own monitoring effort that serves your personal or professional goals? We would love to support you! See CitSci.org for ideas and then Contact Us to get things rolling!

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