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Our Purgatoire River watershed consists of a sparsely populated landscape covered with forests and open meadows in the higher elevations and wide open grasslands and canyonlands in the lower elevations across the eastern plains. These lands provide a vast expanse of healthy wildlife habitat supporting a wide variety of species, and are well-known for the plentiful hunting and incredible birding opportunities that can be found here.

These lands are primarily under private agricultural production or consist of public open space, managed by private and public land managers with an understanding and appreciation of wildlife, allowing a multitude of wild species to co-exist relatively easily with the human uses of the landscape.

Between the relatively wild uplands and the lowlands of our watershed, however, lie the foothills through which wildlife must often pass to get to higher or lower ground. And these foothills consist of the most densely populated area in our watershed – the town of Trinidad, Colorado and its directly adjacent communities.

While wildlife heavily utilize the Purgatoire River corridor to navigate their way between the uplands and lowlands, historically it has been a relatively challenging navigation as this urban stretch of the river has suffered multiple abuses of pollution, trash dumping, habitat degradation, and general neglect.

Thankfully, the tide is beginning to turn and community members are starting to recognize the importance of a healthy river, not only for the benefit of wildlife but also for human safety and enjoyment.

The Purgatoire Urban Wildlife Corridor Project is a community-based effort of multiple partners and community members focused on restoring this urban stretch of river for the benefit of resident and transient wildlife while also working to significantly enhance community understanding and appreciation of the amazing wildlife that quietly pass through our urban river neighborhood by providing new opportunities for wildlife education and engagement!


Purgatoire Watershed Wildlife Webcam!


Wildlife Viewing Stations & Educational Signage

Purgatoire Wildlife Identification Resources

This project generously supported by Forever Our Rivers Foundation, Evergreen Natural Resources, and Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO).

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