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Fish and More Fish Oh My!

On November 13 2019, Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) spearheaded an assessment of the fish populations in the Purgatoire River near Trinidad to document the success of fish stocking events conducted this year and in previous years by CPW and Trout Unlimited local chapter. The assessment was conducted by CPW with help from Trout Unlimited and Purgatoire Watershed Partnership volunteers. Fish were captured through electro-fishing, which temporarily stuns the fish in a given sampling area but does not injure them. Fish are then scooped up by net and measurements are taken promptly, then the fish are immediately released back to the river. The numbers are still being crunched but it looks like some exciting results and that we have some pretty healthy fish in the river – see below for some exciting photos! 
 Photos Above: Colorado Parks & Wildlife personnel holding a very nice brown trout doing well in the Purgatoire River – approximately 26.5 inches and 7 pounds (top left); electrofishing team in action (top right); a young central stoneroller (bottom left); and a young longnose dace (bottom right). 
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